Selling IT-hardware
RL Networks distinguishes itself from the standard industry by providing knowledge, quality and service. Because of our experience in the field, we understand your wishes and needs in different situations, so that we can give you the right advice.

Buying up IT-hardware
RL Networks is interested in buying your (used) networking gear and other IT-hardware. Several factors that play a role in determining the price are the brand, the model, the age and the condition of the product. Using these factors we will determine the value of the hardware. Thereafter it is up to you whether to sell the products for the arranged price, you can even choose to donate the yield to charity. We guarantee a fast financial settlement.

IT- recycling Service
RL Networks IT-recycling Service means that we take care of the transport and recycling of your IT-hardware. The recycling and transport of IT-hardware has to comply with the European law for dispatching used electrical and electronic hardware, namely the WEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). By using our recycling service you can be sure to comply with this law and reducing environmental strain.

Procedure van de RL Networks IT-Recycling Service

  1. Contact RL networks
  2. We discuss what we can do for you
  3. You send us an inventory of your used hardware
  4. On the basis of agreements we make you an offer
  5. We will take care of the logistics
  6. The products will be inspected and the right treatment will be determined
  7. Products that can be re-used, will be refurbished and the data will be removed using professional software (Blancco)
  8. Defect hardware will be taken apart and sorted for recycling
  9. You will receive a final report of all the transported hardware

Data Destruction
We offer the possibility to remove all the data from your storage devices. For this we use certified Blancco software that is recommended by the NAVO and the AIVD. The data will be completely removed from the harddisks and cannot be retrieved with the most sophisticated software.

IT-hardware Taxation
RL-Networks has many years of experience when it comes to network equipment, laptops, computers and all other IT-hardware. We can help you value your equipment. Furthermore we can help you clearing workspaces, estimate its residual value, creating the final report and handling the financial settlement.

Schools and educational institutions
RL Networks is supplier for various universities and educational institutions. We can supply a wide range of ICT-hardware. Our strength lies in the fact that we can provide high quality used and new pc’s and laptops for a competitive price. We also provide TFT screens, printers, servers and other networking gear. The products meet all your needs and you can expect fast service and delivery.

Beside delivering ICT-hardware and computer systems, we are also the point of contact of schools and educational institutions for dispatching used IT-hardware.

Contact RL Networks for all of your requests and questions.

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